Healthy desserts using dates

When it comes to desserts, the diets of even the strongest people go for a toss! The high calorie, rich-in-sugar foods might be dear to the heart but take a toll on the health. From diabetes to cholesterol, too much sugar in one’s diet can cause several diseases. The harmful effects of artificial sweeteners are endless. So, how does one deal with the sweet cravings without the guilt?

The answer is delicious and sweeter than refined sugar, it is dates! The sticky dried fruit is sweet and a perfect alternative to sugar.

Before we tell you some quick and easy ways to add dates to your favourite desserts, here are a few reasons why you should be substituting sugar with dates:

  • They promote bone health with their high magnesium levels
  • The high mineral content helps cure anaemia
  • Being a rich source of potassium, dates help keep heart health on track
  • It also aids digestion and prevent abdominal cancer
  • The natural sugars in dates are an instant source of energy

Here are a few ways to make your desserts guilt-free yet delicious with dates:

  • Sweeten your smoothie by adding dates instead of sugar. The natural sugar combining with fructose give you enhanced sweetness and instant energy. This is a great option for a pre-workout drink.
  • For pies and tarts, use dates with ground nuts as a binding agent for a stronger base. The sticky texture will help hold the base stronger while making it sweet.
  • Blend your dates with some water to make a thick paste and bring it to a quick boil. This can be the perfect alternative for high calorie caramel dressings on your brownies.
  • Unpit the date and fill it with nut butter for a quick snack instead of the processed chocolates. You can also dip your dates in dark cocoa for a guilt-free dessert.
  • While baking, a syrup of dates makes a great alternative for castor sugar. Simply replace the quantity in a 1:1 ratio for a healthy bite.
  • Making custards from scratch is easier with dates. Simply boil the dates with some nut milk, and garnish with your favourite fruits. This quick dessert is vegan-friendly and so much healthier than the store-bought mix.

So, get cooking and skip right to desserts for your next meal!

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