Surprising Facts About Almonds

We all know that almonds are a nutritional powerhouse. They are great source of vitamin E, protein, iron, omega-6, calcium, and magnesium and good for your skin, hair, and overall health. Nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts ask people to break their fast with a handful of almonds to give a healthy kickstart to the day.

Although you know for a fact that almonds are great for you and packed with nutrients galore did you know that you can store almonds in the fridge for two years? There are many other surprising facts about this popular nut that you may not know. Let’s find out a few surprising facts about this shrivelled brown nut before you buy dry fruits online or at any store.

Top Surprising Facts about Almonds

Almonds Contains The Highest Form Of Protein

Almonds have the highest form of protein among the nuts. These delicious bite-sized delights contain 21-1g of protein per 100 grams, making it the protein queen of all nuts. Buy from Dryfruit Basket an online dry fruit store in India and add to your smoothies or your cereals to make them, crunchy delicious, and protein rich. So, vegetarians and vegans who steer away from non-vegetarian food can have their fill of protein from almonds.

It Can Replace Your Milk And Flour!

If you suffer from lactose intolerance and cannot digest milk, nut-free milk in the form of almond milk can be a great substitute. They taste great with tea and coffee and your cereals too. Also, if you are sceptical of the store-bought milk, you can make it at home! Buy badam online, soak them overnight, peel their skin, and blend away in a mixie jar. Strain the liquid in a muslin cloth and you will get creamy and delicious almond milk. Add a piece of date or two to get the right sweetness. Ground almonds can be a great substitute for wheat flour. It is low-carb, high in protein, and can be made into rotis, pancakes, or cakes.

It Is A Great Substitute For Butter

If you are a big fan of peanut butter, then you will be a bigger fan of almond butter. It is creamy and oh-so-delicious! It is again a healthy way to curb your cravings. Have it with bread, and fruits or just have a spoonful of almond butter without any iota of guilt. Also, you can use it to churn ice creams at home and they are seriously addictive. Just blend frozen bananas or berries with almond butter. Have it during those sudden sweet cravings.

Almonds Are Mini Energy-Boosters

Almonds are chock-a-block with copper, manganese, and Riboflavin and provide that much-needed energy boost when your energy is slumping. Always Buy badam online and carry a box of it wherever you go to ensure you feel energized and happy.


The more you dig for information about almonds, the more surprised you will be! If you need more reasons to add them to your diet well, these are just a few among many! Almonds are a great option to crunch your way to great health. Buy from Dryfruit Basket an online dry-fruit stores in India to keep your pantry full of almonds.

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