Dry fruit cures for different body part

Nature is, has, and will always be a great source of wonder, even its tiniest creations. There is always some solution to our humanly problems in the real world. All we must do is look, ponder, and apply what we see and learn about.

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Winter salads with the dry fruits twist

The winter season is not just a welcoming source of festive vibes and celebrations; it is also a time when the hunger clock strikes unexpectedly, and faster than usual. Keeping yourself healthy and satiated is one of the most important needs of this time. It is very essential to eat well, regularize intakes and consume food that is healthy yet delicious.

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The role of prunes in bone health

The wrinkly black dried form of plums, prunes are your key to a healthy lifestyle. Packed with antioxidants and a variety of vitamins, the daily intake of this dried fruit can keep several health issues at bay. They are rich in fibre and most commonly used for their effective laxative qualities to aid digestion. Only about 30 calories a piece, they are a great choice for snacking as well.

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5 types of fruit wines to try this festive season.

If red or white wine is all you look for when the waiter hands you the bar menu, you surely have been missing some healthier, tastier, and luxurious options. These are choices that can give you the warmth and everlasting taste on the tip of your tongue on a chill wintery evening. Try some of these unique fresh fruit wines to celebrate the festive season with glee and health:

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Healthy desserts using dates

When it comes to desserts, the diets of even the strongest people go for a toss! The high calorie, rich-in-sugar foods might be dear to the heart but take a toll on the health. From diabetes to cholesterol, too much sugar in one’s diet can cause several diseases. The harmful effects of artificial sweeteners are endless. So, how does one deal with the sweet cravings without the guilt?

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