Savouring sweets from around the world

There is something fascinating about every place as you roll the imaginary axis of your table top map. Variety is the very base of human existence and different cultures, traditions and beliefs are a testimony to the beauty of having so much to discover.

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Simple sweet dry fruit recipes for new year's eve

As we near the end of 2016, celebrations, fireworks and good times make you smile and rekindle the fresh spirit for 2017. This New Year's Eve, pledge for a healthier tomorrow. Try these three simple dry fruit sweet recipes that offer a mouth-watering respite to your taste buds.

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Gift basket for corporate gifting

Sustaining the image of a firm and its offerings is no easy task. Just like your personality determines how you conduct yourself in a crowd, your brand image reflects your reliability and relevance in the market. Corporate gifting aids you in periodically reminding your stakeholders, customers, and employees that you care for them.

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Dry fruit cures for different body part

Nature is, has, and will always be a great source of wonder, even its tiniest creations. There is always some solution to our humanly problems in the real world. All we must do is look, ponder, and apply what we see and learn about.

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Winter salads with the dry fruits twist

The winter season is not just a welcoming source of festive vibes and celebrations; it is also a time when the hunger clock strikes unexpectedly, and faster than usual. Keeping yourself healthy and satiated is one of the most important needs of this time. It is very essential to eat well, regularize intakes and consume food that is healthy yet delicious.

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The role of prunes in bone health

The wrinkly black dried form of plums, prunes are your key to a healthy lifestyle. Packed with antioxidants and a variety of vitamins, the daily intake of this dried fruit can keep several health issues at bay. They are rich in fibre and most commonly used for their effective laxative qualities to aid digestion. Only about 30 calories a piece, they are a great choice for snacking as well.

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