Dry Fruit Powder - A Substitute To Meet Your Baby’s Energy Needs

Babies undergo rapid development and need a lot of nutrients for their overall growth. Dry fruits are an ideal choice as they are not only packed to the brim with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins, but are also delicious and can be served with almost anything imaginable.

Of course, with babies it is a different matter, as they cannot chew the way we can, but there is a solution to this predicament as well – powder! Yes, they can be mashed into a powder, thereby averting the choking hazard that they can become. Here are some of the dry fruits that you should start thinking about giving to your baby.


Raisins are essentially dried grapes. But, that takes nothing away from them as they retain the same nutritional properties and, in fact, are even more healthier than their waterier counterparts. They are calorie-rich and have a high sugar content, making them ideal for meeting the high-energy demand of babies. Raisins are also good for natural weight gain and fight constipation as well. They tend to stick to the teeth, so it is advisable to give these to babies mixed with some other food.


Cashews are loaded with essential nutrients. And, here’s a fun fact–India is home to some of the world’s best cashews. They are rich in potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, and calcium. They are very versatile and can be grinded into fine powder or made into a thick sauce too; better to serve along with baby food or even with milk. Cashews boost immunity, prevent anaemia, and promote development of nerves, bones, and muscle.


Almonds are best known for brain development and memory retention. They are full of iron, phosphorous, Vitamin B1, copper and unsaturated fats, making them a valuable addition to a baby’s diet. They help in generating new blood cells, improve eyesight, boost immune system, and assist in bone development. Almond milk is also a great substitute for children who are lactose intolerant.


This list would be incomplete without dates. This sweet, delicious, and extremely nutritious heavenly offering doesn’t need to be powdered. Its thin skin can be easily peeled by hand, beneath which is a sweet and fibrous layer that can be given to babies as it is, without any fear of choking. A word of caution though, just watch the seed. Dates are an excellent resource for iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and dietary fibre.


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