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Q.1 Silent heart attacks are on a the rise, especially in the 20s-30s age bracket what are the reasons?

Data from multinational studies suggest that heart attacks occur almost a decade earlier in south Asians as compared to the western population

Therefore genetic factors contribute to earlier occurrence of heart attacks in the indian population. sedentary lifestyle, stressful jobs, increased prevalence of smoking in creased consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and fast food are some of the contributors.

Q.2 What are the preventive measures one needs to take early on to prevent such a situation?

One should not ignore health when young. Tobacco consumption is one of the important contributors to heart problems at a young age and should be curbed. One should remain physically active.

Q.3 What changes must one make to eating habits and lifestyle to keep the heart young ?

Consumption of sugar sweetened beverages (aerated drinks, packed juices)  should be minimised.

Intake of fast food and processed foods should also be restricted up to 1-2 times a week. Increasing fruit and vegetables intake is inarguably helpful. A serving of nuts everday also improves cardiovascular health by providing essential minerals and fatty acids. Decreasing mental stress is an important part of lifestyle man augment.

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