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Cashew (W 320)

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Indian Kishmish (Raisins)

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Jardalu (Apricots)

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Brazil Nuts

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Makhana (Fox Nuts)

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Pecan Nuts

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DryFruit Basket with all kinds of Dry Fruits have been a part of our diet and our culture since times immemorial.

Along with the umpteen health benefits that they offer, dry fruits are also an excellent source of vital nutrients and healthy oils that help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. A long shelf life, ease of storage and transportation make them an inherent part of every dietary recommendation.

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Benefits Of Dry
Fruits and Nuts

Dry Fruits and nuts everyday will
keep diseases and stress away.

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Premium quality of dryfruits with best prices.


Really awesome test and ultimate packing... Very genuine product... Thanks


Blueberries and other dryfruits quality is really good. Nice packing. You can carry easily along with you in office. Value for money product.


Dry fruit basket is a one stop solution for getting the best dry fruits in India. All the products are of high quality, meticulously packed and yet reasonably priced. I strongly recommend.


Almond tastes is delicious and one of the top super dryfruits.


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